Mediterranean Sea
An Indian wedding, 7 days on a dream cruise, photo shoots in 4 different countries and lots of good food.

We began the wedding week with a couples photo shoot on the streets of Barcelona, Spain. A day full of sunshine and love that ended with boarding a cruise ship, where luxurious rooms, good Indian food, and abundant alcohol awaited us.

The next morning the ship docked in Marseilles, France. Preparations for the wedding day began - makeup, hair, decorations and preparations for the ceremony. The atmosphere was good during the filming of the prep, with a lot of excitement in the air. After the preparations, the groom walked towards the bride accompanied by music and dancers and then began the wedding ceremony - after which we had a photo shoot on the deck.

Over the next few days, the ship docked in port cities in Italy, France, and Malta. Every morning we went for a walk around the city, during which we stopped to shoot in amazing places, and when we returned the guests waited for a good meal and a party until the morning.
On the last day, all the wedding guests gathered for a slideshow of pictures and video from the wedding. Saying goodbye was hard - especially leaving the pleasure boat.

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